News & Reviews

October 2023/January 2024

I'm very pleased to have played the role of Jellaby in Bedlam Theatre Company's hit Off Broadway production of Tom Stoppard's "Arcadia"... called "A Heavenly Revival"!

November/December 2019

I played the role of Francis Nurse in Bedlam Theatre Company's Off Broadway hit production of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible".

April 2019

My solo show, "Bigfoot Stole My Wife", had a very successful run at The ONE Festival at Teatro LATEA in NYC.

September 2018

My solo show, "Bigfoot Stole My Wife", performed at the United Solo Theatre Festival on Theatre Row, had a very, very successful run, playing to sellout crowds!  

April/May 2018

I played the lead role of Creon in the Seeing Place Theater’s production of “The People vs. Antigone”, a modern reimaging of the Greek tragedy.

August 2017

I played dual roles, a corporate executive and a sickly, ornery father in “Navigator in Love”, the principal production in the Georgian-American Theater Festival.

August/September 2016

The horror film, "The Devil's Dolls" (formerly called "Worry Dolls"), in which (spoiler alert!) I get the scissors in the neck, was shown in festivals in the USA and Europe, with distribution deals here and abroad. The film opened in September to good reviews.

April 2016

I played Abraham in the tongue-in-cheek new play, "The Binding of Isaac", part of the Lama Theater Company's Fest of the Best festival.

August 2015

I played the roles of Bykov and His Excellency in an adaptation of Dostoevsky's "Poor People", part of the New York International Fringe Festival.

April/May 2015

Played Rick, the central character, in "Bigfoot Stole My Wife", part of the acclaimed BEDLAM Theater Company's Man: Solo Festival of one-act plays. I conceived "Bigfoot..." and co-adapted it based on 8 short stories by the award-winning writer, Ron Carlson.

January 2015

Played the central character, Helge, in the Columbia Stages production of "Festen".