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As Rick in "Bigfoot Stole My Wife"

"I so enjoyed the wonders of your work on Bigfoot; it was soaring...My god you guys did a wicked good job on all of the pieces! I had a great time and I appreciate all of your brilliant work...This production was delicious!"
--Ron Carlson, award-winning author of the 8 stories upon which "Bigfoot Stole My Wife" is based


As Polonius in Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

"Alan Altschuler, notable as Polonius, portrayed his character as a three-dimensional person and not the stereotypical loquacious accomplice..."
-- Close Encounters of the Theatrical Kind


As Baylor in Sam Shepard's "A Lie of the Mind"

"Alan Altschuler, who plays Baylor, Beth's crude father, is menacing and commanding."
-- Theater That Matters

"A strong cast of dedicated actors who work hard to bring this emotional piece to life...Baylor (Alan Altschuler) plays a significant role as he would rather worry about business than his sick daughter."

"This is one of the largest and, across the board, strongest casts The Seeing Place has ever had in one of the company's productions...In particular, Altschuler...One great example is Altschuler's body language - not only do his words express that Baylor doesn't care much about his daughter's fragile condition, but just the way he carries himself shows his total apathy."


As Oberon in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

" Alan Altschuler...a Oberon, king of the fairies, who towers over the action."
-- New York Theater Buying Guide


As Player and the Player King in an all-star reading of "Hamlet"

" Alan Altschuler in an impressive reading." -- Short and Sweet


As Alexander Serebryakov in Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya"

" Altschuler owns his part as the aristocratic spoiled Alexander. A good hearty laugh is in store at the end of the play, when he urges everyone everyone else to work harder." -- The Fab Marquee


As Pastor Manders in Ibsen's "Ghosts"

" Alan Altschuler fared well in this role as Pastor Manders. His naturalism in the role and ease with the environment made the pivotal arguments between his character and Mrs. Alving come to life." -- The Fab Marquee


News Flash (updated October 15, 2016):

After a highly successful run of my show, "Bigfoot Stole My Wife", which was part of the acclaimed Bedlam Theatre Company's Man Solo Festival, I have now gained the rights to market this production to other theaters in NYC and regionally. This show, filled with humor and pathos, is based on 8 short stories by the award-winning writer, Ron Carlson. I co-adapted the stories into an integrated one-act for the stage and I play the central character, Rick. Over the coming months, I intend to reach out to theaters who might be interested in producing this show.


August/September 2016

The horror film, "The Devil's Dolls" (formerly called "Worry Dolls"), in which (spoiler alert!) I get the scissors in the neck, was shown in festivals in the USA and Europe, with distribution deals here and abroad. The film opened in September to good reviews.


April 2016

I played Abraham in the tongue-in-cheek new play, "The Binding of Isaac", part of the Lama Theater Company's Fest of the Best festival.


August 2015
I played the roles of Bykov and His Excellency in an adaptation of Dostoevsky's "Poor People", part of the New York International Fringe Festival.


April/May 2015

• Played Rick, the central character, in "Bigfoot Stole My Wife", part of the acclaimed BEDLAM Theater Company's Man: Solo Festival of one-act plays. I conceived "Bigfoot..." and co-adapted it based on 8 short stories by the award-winning writer, Ron Carlson.


January 2015

• Played the central character, Helge, in the Columbia Stages production of "Festen".

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